PFE : Custmize vOneCloud

Hi Everyone Im student of computer science from tunisia I want to find a way to custmize vOneCloud and update or creat some Api
So help me please and thanks

Hi @BEN_HAMMODUA_Abderra! Welcome to the OpenNebula Community! :smiley: If you are interested in vOneCloud, I’d recommend to start having a look at the documentation:

vOneCloud’s code is mostly based on OpenNebula’s, it’s not really a separate project. It’s basically a virtual appliance for the quick deployment and evaluation of OpenNebula on VMware vSphere.

If you want to contribute to OpenNebula, here you have more details: Let me know if you need some specific orientation.



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thanks very much @amarti
i have to goals about my research
1- I want to upgrade my version from 3.0.4 to 3.4.1 because i have many bugs in it when i depasse 350 Vm .
2- i want to Customize vOneCloud and add some functionality

Hi @BEN_HAMMODUA_Abderra! Here you have a couple of links:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: Best,


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Thank you very much