Acces to vOneCloud source code to fix bugs


can i acces to source code (ruby) of Vonecloud to fix bugs and how , ?,

Thank you

vOneCloud 5.10.3 uses the same code as OpenNebula 5.10.3 and it’s open source
So you can find the source code at github:

Older versions of vOneCloud are discontinued.

thank you very much

actually i’m working with 3.0.4 if i upgrade to 5.10.3 , it will be dangerous, because i have more than 350 Vm ,

and i have many bugs to fix them like

  • Mass import of VM’s from the Vcenter inventory does not work (online procedure on sharing)
    o Workaround: clone the VM, then transform it into a VM template (delete the initial clone) and finally import into a Template at Self Care level
    o Instantiate a new VM from the Template
    o Delete Template
  • Resize is no longer functional (we are talking about the disc)
  • When deploying a VM to Self Care again, you must select the VM and then activate the Deploy function
  • When creating a new VM we sometimes have a “Boot Log” message, we are forced to delete the VM and recreate it
  • When adding VLAN ID 248, you have to deactivate the default VLN for creating a new Template

Could you please try a clean vOneCloud installation with latest stable version and tell us the error you get? Version 5.10.3 is stable and has several improvements.

Another important thing: there is no direct migration path between vOneCloud and OpenNebula, but members of the engineering team might be able to assist. Please email and have a look at