vOneCloud's Control Panel is gone!

We’ve been using older versions of vOneCloud for some time now, and I thought I’d checkout the latest 5.12 release. I’ve deployed it from the OVA file into our vSphere Cluster, which is fine, and completed initial configuration. My first observation is - no Control Panel option, which I believe is now by design. So, where do I now configure those options (LDAP integration, SSL, restart services etc). They were very useful options to have, but I can’t see the equivalent anywhere in the admin UI, and nothing obvious in the 5.10/5.12 documentation either.


vOneCloud isn’t a differentiated product anymore, but rather a way to deliver OpenNebula for VMware infrastructures. Hence, components such as the Control Panel has been stripped and configuration needs to be done as in other OpenNebula deployments. Please check the official OpenNebula documentation, for instance for LDAP: http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/deployment/authentication_setup/ldap.html


Thanks for the info. I still don’t think enabling LDAP is that well documented, but I managed to muddle through and seem to have it working now against our A/D. Control Panel did make things a lot easier - it might have been better to adopt that into OpenNebula rather than having to go back to editing config files by hand.

Hi Tony,
Remember that our Documentation is on GitHub, so if you come across anything that might need an update or some extra clarification, by all means feel free to change it yourself and submit a PR: https://github.com/OpenNebula/docs/blob/master/source/deployment/authentication_setup/ldap.rst