vOneCloud Control Panel Missing


I have downloaded the vOneCloud appliance for VMware, everything seems to work fine but I can’t find the Control Panel described here: https://docs.vonecloud.today/3.4/appliance_configuration/control_panel.html

In the console there is no option for “Open vOneCloud Control Panel (web based interface)” as stated here: https://docs.vonecloud.today/3.4/appliance_configuration/control_console.html

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

Steps to reproduce:
Download the OVA file and import in VMware

Current results:
No option for Control Panel

Expected results:

That documentation is outdated. If you are trying out vOneCloud 5.10.x, please refer to: http://docs.opennebula.io/vonecloud/5.10/. There is no Control Panel on 5.10.x.

Thanks you Tino, that is what I suspected.