No control panel

Hi …

I was using opennebula as a student for my final year project in building a hybrid cloud solution.

I got the ova file for download on the email.

Everything went smoothly with the deployment.
However now after deployment im unable to access the control panel in the sunstone gui as there is no option for control panel.

I need to get into control panel to access the hybrid cloud drivers.

Can i get some help regarding this?

My deadline is in two weeks if dont do this i will fail my project.

Hi @shabahat_ali ,

Could you share the sunstone.log? you can locate it in /var/log/one.
You could also explain what kind of problems you are encountering when accessing Sunstone.


Thanks for responding…

The problem is that i’m using purely web based GUI… There literally is no option in my version of the appliance to access the control panel … acoording to the documentation it should be at the left bottom but it isn’t…


hope these pictures explain the problem

What documentation are you consulting?

It’s possible doc doesn’t correspond to your one version, because the control panel of vOneCloud doesn’t exist already.


(link for the referred document)

I’m using version

My main concern is how do i access the hybrid cloud drivers if i cant do it the way it wriiten in the above documentation?

Hello @shabahat_ali,

In order to use hybrid drivers, you don’t need to use the control panel. You can check here how you can use them.

If you need to develop something for them, the scripts are located in /var/lib/one/remotes/vmm/az and /var/lib/one/remotes/vmm/ec2. The libraries are located in /usr/lib/one/ruby/az_driver.rb and /usr/lib/one/ruby/ec2_driver.rb.