vOneCloud 1.6 is Out!

A new version of vOneCloud, 1.6, has been released. This stable version comes with several improvements and additions:

  • define virtual machine capacity, in terms of CPU and Memory presented to the guest OS
  • resize the capacity of a Virtual Machine after deployment
  • ability to run any script at boot time, using a new set of contextualization packages
  • improvements in the VNC connection capabilities

This is an stable version, and it is an open release to the general public, meaning that you don’t need an active support subscription to access this upgrade. This update is therefore available from the Control Panel with a single click. The Control Panel component will, behind the scenes:

  • download the new vOneCloud packages
  • install the new vOneCloud packages, keeping the existing configuration
  • restart the OpenNebula service, with no downtime whatsoever to the currently running virtual

After the upgrade is performed, vOneCloud services would be up and running and updated to the 1.6 version.

If you don’t have currently a running instance of vOneCloud, you can download an OVA with 1.6 already installed, you will need only to register in this support portal and visit this article.