What replaces vShield Edge in the OpenNebula world?


I’m interested in seeing if OpenNebula can act as an alternative to vCloud for a vSphere environment, so I’ve run the sandbox. Initial impressions are good but I have a question or two.

I’m looking at ways to replace vShield Edge. What would people suggest? There appears to be a virtual router appliance available to OpenN but without firewall capability. It would be nice to trunk up the public network all the way to a gateway device that could then NAT and firewall for the VDC behind it.

Also, am I right in thinking no quotas for vCenter datastores?

Apologies if this is already covered off elsewhere.


Currently there is no vShield functionality with OpenNebula over vCenter, although it won’t be extremely hard to adapt the Virtual Router to cover some of it. If you are interested, please open a feature request in the dev portal: dev.opennebula.org.

Regarding quotas, you can set them for vCenter resources except for storage.



Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I think having something to bridge the vShield edge gap would increase the appeal for vSphere users. I’ll consider the feature request.