When i create a VM it is stuck on pending

i have this message in /var/log/one/sched.log

and i have this message with sunstone
Sched Message
Fri May 26 00:19:19 2017 : Cannot dispatch VM to any Host. Possible reasons: Not enough capacity in Host or System DS, or dispatch limit reached

Hi Amira,

Normally these kind of problems are related to problems with vm migration within datastores or hosts, make sure u can ssh passwordless for the desired host and that you have the correct configuration inside resource templates (storage type, hypervisor, im_mad…)

Can u see any error in your /var/log/one/oned.log? maybe a command fail line.


thank you it was problem with ssh

Can you help me ??
I’m also stuck on same error please help me out in this…???

hi, can you paste the error message that you have in /var/log/one/sched.log