Where to find log details about failed VM instances

is there a common log that we can view inside Sunstone in ONE 5.0? I know there is oned.log file, but is there a way to see it in the GUI?
I am asking this because there is a “Log” tab inside a VM instance, on the far right side.

When I click on this “Log”, I always get the message “Cannot contact server: is it running and reachable?”

What is this “Log” button for actually? I tried to searched the docs but found nothing relevant.

Hi Bojan!,
you’re absolutely right, in /var/log/one directory you have the oned.log…but also you can find a log for each VM. The log starts with the ID of the VM followed by the .log extension. In Sunstone that Log tab opens the log file for each VM.

So the problem now would be why you get the “Cannot contact server… message”?

A few questions/reasons to discard and help finding the real problem, you know :smiley:

  1. Did you run the /usr/share/one/install_gems once OpenNebula was installed? Did it run fine and every gem was installed flawless?
  2. What ruby version are you using?
  3. Are you running Sunstone behind a web server like Apache or NGINX?
  4. Maybe a slow network connect, or Sunstone needs more power(RAM,CPU)…?

Update: As Carlos says, check if using an Add blocker


That is the individual VM log file, /var/log/one/.log.

Apparently ad blocker extensions block the log call, try disabling those extensions for your sunstone url.

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Yep, it was ad blocker. Thanks a lot guys. There was no messages about that whatsoever in my ad blocker… very strange.

BTW this feature is very handy, kudos to the person who thought of such a useful thing - quick per-VM log in the GUI.

There is no such thing for “oned.log”? I have to parse the log from CLI?

No, there is not. oned.log and sched.log can’t be requested from sunstone.