Where will be the VM snapshot backup is stored?

In sunstone server or node server? What is the exact location?

What hypervisor are you using? Depending on this, the snapshot location differs.

Hypervisor: KVM

The VM snapshots are stored in the system datastore (/var/lib/one/datastores). Do you have shared storage between your nodes? If so, the snapshots are available as well in the front-end, otherwise you’ll need to go to the node where the VM is running.

cd /var/lib/one/datastores/122/66

This the snapshot generated in sunstone.

I’am not able to find the snapshot of vm in system datastore? What could be the problem?


The VM snapshot is embeded in the disk’s qcow2 file and there is additional metadata somewhere in /var/lib/libvirt or similar path - can’t remember where though. Just look around.

Hope this helps,
Anton Todorov