Why 2 GUIs for operational tasks on the same software stack (OpenNebula)

I have started with evaluation of OpenNebula and soon the following question comes into my mind:
Why do I need to use 2 different GUIs, Sunstone GUI and FireEdge GUI, to perform operational tasks on the same software stack?
Are you planning to integrate the functionalities into one GUI?


Sunstone is OpenNebula’s admin and user interface
FireEdge is a node.js server that has several apps. One of them is the OneProvision GUI, the other is a beta version of a new Sunstone interface, meant to replace current Sunstone, but still in beta.

Thanks for your reply.
I understand the different use cases of Sunstone GUI and FireEdge GUI.
However, this does not explain why this is not merged into a single GUI.

if you mean why the Sunstone GUI and the OneProvision GUI are not merged, it is because they serve two different puposes. The former intends to administrate and existing cloud infrastructure, and the latter intends to build this cloud infrastructure.