XML RPC Calls are taking lot of time to return

When we execute onehost list command on front end, it takes a minimum of 10 secs and above. Sometimes we see following errors like (‘execution expired’ or ‘Connection reset by peer’ or ‘Net::ReadTimeout’). The Opennebula was running fine for the past 1 months or so. now we are facing this problem. How could we debug this?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
CentOS 7, Opennebula 5.2.1 , KVM hypervisiors. We are using the sqlite database.

Steps to reproduce:

Execute “onehost list” command from the front end

Current results:
List of host information comes very late , some times we get error as well

Expected results:
List of host information should come immediately

Hi, we have also perm problem, because of default mysql config. So we have to tune mysql variables to achive performance…same can be with sqlite - you have to migrate to mysql