About Firecracker on miniONE

this : https://github.com/OpenNebula/minione

it says : Run the commands to deploy the evaluation cloud:

does evaluation cloud means that it’ll expire sometime after the installation?

Hi @Liorme!

miniONE is a simple deployment tool for installing a single-node KVM, LXD or Firecraker cloud inside a virtual machine or physical host. It’s just not designed for setting up OpenNebula in a production environment, but it’s under Apache License 2.0 so you can of course use it for as long as you wish :slight_smile:

oh, thank you :slight_smile:
what does it mean “not designed” ? how so?

also, i understand the kvm structure. but what’s the different between lxd and firecracker? i’m mostly asking for the usage of containers

Hi @Liorme!

miniONE typically deploys OpenNebula on a single server (both front-end and a hypervisor node): https://github.com/OpenNebula/minione

For a quick review of the many other options that come with the standard distribution (https://opennebula.io/use/), here you have a whitepaper that you might find helpful:

LXD is a system container manager (https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/introduction/) whereas Firecracker can be used to run application containers (i.e. Docker Hub images) ‘inside’ a microVM.

This recent blog post might help: https://opennebula.io/deploying-container-based-applications-with-opennebula/

Enjoy the reading! :nerd_face: