Action on VM attributes add, modify or delete

Hi all,
I would like to know if its possible to detect VM attributes changes: add, modify or delete;
Maybe i can insert a trigger in DB if the changes are being inserted in DB ?
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This is something that i have requested - audit logs. According to the developers, they will look into this feature and try to add in future release…

Hi anandharaj + ibstelix

Audit logs is something in our radar but not for the short-term, however
all API calls are logged, so you can easily use that, you an even tune the
format of log messages in oned.conf… Maybe that could be useful
for ibstelix…


Thanks you very much ruben

Hello @ruben @ahuertas
Can we create a custom VM action?
VM actions are terminate, resume …etc, I want to create a action for VM like taking screenshot/reboot after 5 days of instantiation of VM.
Hooks can be used only on states so creating a custom VM action would be helpful.
Any thoughts on the same?
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Rahul_Sharma,

Please check this.