User's actions logging

Hello everyone!

Our security team wants to collect all information about user activity in sunstone UI.
Also they want to personalise actions for all sunstone objects - e.x. VMs, vRouters, vNetworks and so one.

This is possible?



I really like your question and I have the same question. AFAIK all actions from sunstone will be stored at /var/log/one/sunstone.log and log format like http request with POST and GET methods. We can’t get detail actions from user with POST method.

If you find a solution for audit user, please share with me.


Hello! Ok. I’ll provide all information here.
I think audit should be built-in for platforms like ONE.

This feature i have been looking for long time. In fact i have shared this request during the Tech Day @ Malaysia.

Hi guys

Currently, the only option is to search in the log files, each action is logged with the UID name etc… you can even change the logging format in oned.conf

I’ve increased the priority for:

In this last release we’ve introduced some changes that will make the implementation of that feature much more easy


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Hi, Ruben!

Thank you a lot!
We’ll try collect data from logs.
But anyway we look forward to new releases with audit functions.