Proposal of new features

I am a new user OpenNebula sunstone (4.10 and 4.12) , which seems to be a really cool tool of Cloud Management Plateform, but I think it lacks a number of features to make it perfect:

Letter to Santa Claus :wink:

  • An immediate or scheduled service request and approval (workflow or whatever but no hook method)
  • Must log all the events related to the to the lifecycle of the VM ( provisioning, deprovisioning , upgrade , downgrade, etc … ) and show this log through Sunstone web interface
  • provide a Framework for designer workflows : Demand, validation and notification
  • provide a tracking application with mail or sms or web notifications
  • provide reporting on user resources consumed by entities and client. The reporting must be reused for billing purposes

thanks again…


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Audit logs is very important and must be available in Sunstone. Audit log should contain who logged in at what time and what action they have performed.

Thanks for the feedback. Having those in Sunstone would be nice, however this somehow conflict with the requirement of being able to run Sunstone in a separate node. In that case there is no access to the log files and either they are shared through NFS or equivalent; or they are provided through the API.

However I believe that this audit process is usually performed server side; and potentially involving big files etc… However we could think to add basic audit statistics to user accounts, like last API call, number of API calls of a given type…

Thanks very much for your feedback

This is in our radar, I’ve increased its priority:

Currently this in log files, see my other comment for exposing this through sunstone.

Sounds nice, could you elaborate a bit more.

We use hooks for that, just create a hook on the target application states and execute a program that sends the email sms…

Is this the showback feature in 4.12?

Thank you very much for testing it out and your detailed feedback!!!

Hello @ruben ,
Adding to the previous conversation.
OpenNebula has some email services or any queue mechanism apart from having a script with Hook?


There is no stock integration with any mail service, hook is your best bet

Hook is applicable with states and API call, but not fit in other cases midway (like sharing cost details after every 15 days of VM instantiation through email).
This would require Email service apart from Hook and a custom scheduler as well, as onevm scheduler can’t fulfill the requirement
Also adding any programming scripts to send mail would require queue may be RabbitMQ ,kafka or other so will have to integrate the queue mechanism also.

@ruben Please share your thoughts and guide towards a strategical solution inclined with OpenNebula.