AD Group Mapping - Administrators?

With the help of the documentation and forms here - I was able to get AD group mapping setup and working. However I’m having difficulty determining if it’s possible to setup group mapping for Administrators of those groups.

As an example, here’s one group mapping from server1.yaml
CN=SG-US007-V1-Dev-Users,OU=Addison_Secuity_Groups,OU=Addison_Groups,OU=Addison,DC=company,DC=com: '118'

Would it be possible to have the following automatically map as administrators to group ID 118 somehow?
CN=SG-US007-V1-Dev-Admins,OU=Addison_Secuity_Groups,OU=Addison_Groups,OU=Addison,DC=company,DC=com: '118'

And does anyone know, are secondary groups a thing? Resources can only have one owner and one group? Also, I’m using vOneCloud 2.2.0.

Thank in advance!