Add data disk with user context

Hello everyone,
we are testing the OpenNebula 5 Version and I hope you can guide me in the right direction.

We try to give the user the availability to configure his needed storage space and mountpoint over sunstune (we are using VMWare in the backend)

The only way I see is to create different VM Templates.

Is there a better/dynamic way to solve my Task?

Best regards

Hallo All,

cause I get no answer I Think, this Feature is not available.

I think to implement this Feature myself. After Analyse the Sourcecode of Opennebula it seems to me that there is a XMLRPC “Webserver” programmed in C and the Commandlinetools are implemented in Ruby (as tool to talk with the XMLRPC Webserver).

I ask this, cause I am a Java Developer and if I am right it is problematic for me to implement this Feature.

Would it be helpfull to implement this Feature in Java (with VIJava API it is not a Problem).

I want to Support this Project and want to help to implement this Feature.

Best regards

We are planning to redefine the way OpenNebula interacts with vCenter storage for 5.4, adding the resize feature.