Add existing VMs to minione?


I’m looking at minione initially, if all goes well then I will install the full-blown Open Nebula stack. One question I cannot find the answer to though:

Can I add existing VMs in to a new minione or ON installation?

It would help my assessment if I could add existing ones in to the new minione installation I have created. It would also help a lot if there was a way of doing this in the full install.

Minione: 5.12

Having poked through the menu options a bit more I have found my answer, which is “Yes!”. This works in the minione interface so it is reasonable to expect that it will work in the full Open Nebula interface as well.

  1. In the web interface click “Infrastructure | Hosts” on the menu to the left.
  2. Click the host that has the VMs in it that you want to import.
  3. Click “Wilds” in the menu near the top of this next page.
    You will see a list of running VMs that are not managed by OpenNebula.
  4. Click the checkboxes of the ones you want ON to manage and cick the “Import wilds” button near the top right of the page that is now active.

Give it a moment and they will be imported.

If you are on the “Wilds” page and you start a VM up it takes a few minutes for minione to recognise that another VM is available, but it does appear eventually. I’m not sure the best steps to take to make this happen more quickly, sorry.