Minione or full installation?


I’m trying to decide which route to go but I cannot find an answer in the marketing docs.

I need to set up VM management that will be in three different labs, these labs are likely not going to be able to talk to each other so I’ll need a separate VM management server in each.

The questions are:

  1. How many VMs is it reasonable to manage using the Minione installation?
  2. Minione is quick and simple to get up and running, so getting three of the up should be as simple, but what am I going to lose by using this installation instead of going for the full-blown Open Nebula install with the various separate components?
  3. Is there the potential for merging these three labs at a later date if the networks should ever become linked? Or is there a VM manager manager option?


I should add that these labs have multiple physical servers, between two and ten per location that are currently used as test boxes. The plan is to add these servers in to the local ON installation as the come free.

Since I didn’t get any response I have found that:

  1. You can install any number of VMs, limited only by the storage space you have available for the instances. You cannot, however, have them all running at the same time. That is limited by the number of cores you have available on our server.

  2. The Minione installation is limited to one physical host, which is not unreasonable. It would work well for very small installations, homes and for demos.

  3. You cannot install a Minione setup in each location and then link them together. You will have to use the full installation suite and then link the remote VMMs to the front end.
    You could install an Open Nebula suite on one server in each location and, at a later date, import the existing, running VMs in to a single ON installation but it would make much more sense to plan on only having a single frontend server and work everything around that.

I would say, since you already have multiple servers in each location, go for full OpenNebula install.

I use minione for evaluation and testing purposes only. If you want to use it for any kind of “production” workload, it’ better to have full install.