MiniONe Networking Question

Quick and Probably stupid question.
I installed MiniONe and it works great.
I am trying to find how to connect it to my network.
the VMs can reach out but I can’t reach in.

I’ve searched and didn’t find this specific.

can someone help point me in the right direction?
I know the network traffic is directed via Maquearade, but that’s all I know.
what the best way to connect my deployemnt to my home network?

I’m not yet sure of the limitations of the MiniOne deployment but I have a decent stack of hardware and so far OpenNebula looks great!

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I was able to ge tthis working.
I created a Bridge on the host in CentOS then created a new network and atached it the bridged NIC on the host.
I now have two networks on the MiniOne, one that is the built in one that aloows ttraffic out but not in.
and one that alows me to SHS into my Instances from my home network.

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