Networking Help - Simply

Hi guys,

I have been running OpenNebula for a number of years now. But I have never been able to grasp how to set up the networking properly.

What I have is a number of instances that are basically different web-servers running different apps.

I run the cloud from a single server at my home (with a single IP).

What I have managed to do is set up a bridge on my servers network card and basically any new instantiated instance gets a new IP address from my home’s physical router. I then set up Nginx on the server (where OpenNebula is installed) and route all my webtraffic to the various VMs via a reverse proxy.

What I am trying to figure out, is a simple guide to set up the networking properly (I presume it isn’t).

For instance, if I have:

And I wish for these to route to different VMs. Is there some sort of simple guide out on the best way to achieve this with OpenNebula?

Like, how exactly should I have set this up…? Or am I stuck with the current reverse proxy setup I have?

What I have been thinking is somethin like:

-Have 1x instance using HAProxy connected to internet.
-Have a private network that is connected to HAProxy instance.
-VM’s connected to private network routed by HAProxy.

Not sure if this is the best approach - or how to set it up for that matter…