Add node - vm windows on the same machine

hi all

i have downloaded The sandbox virtual machine image pre-configured OpenNebula 5.6 front-end and it is running on virtual box on my machine.
in the same machine, i have a vmware with windows server 2008 , i have configered the network between them (bridged virtual box ( and bridged vmware( and all is good.

what i want now, what should i do on my win vm and what i have to install and configure to add this vm as a node and make it worker host in the cluster.

please if that is possible or i have misunderstanding in my idea?

thanks in advance .
appreciate any help to figure out how to add windows host?

It’s not possible to do that. Working node must be only Linux with KVM hypervisor or ESXI hypervisor with vCenter.

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thanks miljan.
is there any way to trying this feature (new host) on one machine (using vms)??
i think this is not possible also!!! i mean even if i had a vm with linux os.

thanks, so sorry .