OpenNebula 5.8 MultiNode Setup

Hello Community,

currently we are working on a Cloud Computing University project using OpenNebula to setup a private cloud environment.

Masternode is installed on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM (VirtualBox).

We were able to follow the following guide until step 5 on one physical machine running Ubuntu 19.04 LTS (workernode).

We connected the workernode via passwordless SSH running (Step 4). We are planning to add another workernode either via VM(KVM or VirtualBox) or physical machine.

Can anyone give us any instructions on how to implement step 5 (Networking Configurations) using VirtualBox.

Thanks in advance.

What part are you getting stuck at? Are you asking how to add a network adapter to a virtualbox vm? Are you asking how to configure networking for ubuntu? What is your network topology?

I will give my physical kvm host as an example:
2 NICs
1 Bond
2 VLAN subinterface (1 for storage, 1 for oned communication)
1 VLAN subinterface slaved to a bridge for ONe VXLAN traffic
1 Bridge for ONe VXLAN traffic for virtual machines
1 VLAN subinterface slaved to a bridge for internet access
1 Bridge for ONe virtual routers