Adding a host - err state

I’m having trouble adding a host - err state

Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04.
I installed OpenNebula by - OpenNebula Installation — OpenNebula 6.4.4 documentation
I added the host as in KVM Node Installation — OpenNebula 6.6.2 documentation - two ways via Sunstone and CLI.

OpenNebula version:

$oned -v
OpenNebula 6.6.0 (b7b662b5)
$ onehost create node03 -i kvm -v kvm

$ onehost list
   10 node03 default 0 - - err
    9 node02 default 0 - - err
    8 node01 default 0 - - err

Some information from the file /var/log/one/oned.log:

[Z0][ONE][I]: Log level:5

[Z0][InM][DD]: HOST_STATE update from host: 9. Host information: ERROR
[Z0][ONE][E]: Error monitoring Host node02 (9):

[Z0][InM][DD]: HOST_STATE update from host: 10. Host information: ERROR
[Z0][ONE][E]: Error monitoring Host node03 (10):

On the page kvm_node_installation there is information:
“If the Host turns to err state instead of on, check OpenNebula log /var/log/one/oned.log. The problem might be with connecting over SSH.”

There are no ssh-related errors in the oned.log file.

Some information from the /var/log/one/monitor.log file:

[Z0][HMM][D]: Monitoring host node02(9)
[Z0][MDP][I]: Command execution failed (exit code: 255): exec 2>/dev/null; rsync -Laz --delete '/var/lib/one/remotes'/ 'node02':'/var/tmp/one'/
[Z0][MDP][W]: Start monitor failed for host 9: Could not update remotes
[Z0][HMM][E]: Unable to monitor host id: 9
[Z0][HMM][D]: Updated Host 9, state ERROR

Some information when checking the status of Opennebula:
$ systemctl opennebula status

 Active: active (running)
Process: 495335 ExecStartPre=sh gzip -9 /var/log/one/oned.log-* /var/log/one/monitor.log-* /var/log/one/vcenter_monitor.log-* & (code=exited, status=2)
systemd[1]: Starting OpenNebula Cloud Controller Daemon...
opennebula[495335]: sh: 0: cannot open gzip -9 /var/log/one/oned.log-* /var/log/one/monitor.log-* /var/log/one/vcenter_monitor.log-* &: No such file
systemd[1]: Started OpenNebula Cloud Controller Daemon.

Restarting the opennebula service and rebooting ubuntu don’t help.

I don’t know what could be the problem. Why the status of the added host is error?

ok, it’s working now. I had incorrectly configured ssh and host.

Can you describe how you fix this? I have the same errors

Can you describe how you fix this? I have the same errors

I added the lines to the /etc/hosts file: node01
where “node01” is the Host name