After reboot sunstone doesn't respond

Hi all!!
I’m following the guide
Quickstart: OpenNebula on Ubuntu 14.04 and KVM

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on Virtualbox and installed opennebula

It works fine until I poweroff the ubuntu virtualmachine
after reboot when I try to enter sunstone via localhost:9869 sunstone doesn’t respond but in the VM command line everything seems working properly…
if I put
onehost list
I get the list of all hosts running properly
the same for all other commands…
Thank you for your help!!

Are you start opennebula-sunstone service after boot?
You can start it whit this command:
$ sudo serviec opennebula-sunstone start
$ sudo /etc/init.d/opennebula-sunstone start

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I had the same problem on CentOS7 and KVM as hypervisor, the “device-mapper-libs” needed an update. After the update everything works.



according to step 1.3 of the guide I execute those commands with root privileges…it’s wrong?

now I’m experiencing another strange behaviour
after successful installation of opennebula I took some snapshot in order to restore it in case of troubles…
I wanted to try the solution proposed by @charles but if I quit the virtualmachine running ubuntu (running opennebula) after reboot i’m not able to apt-get update giving me

Err trusty-security InRelease
Err trusty-security Release.gpg

but if I restore the snapshot taken right before quitting the virtual machine apt-get update works fine (and sunstone too)…

another malfunction I noted is that if I login in sunstone without the “Keep me logged in” toggle, it loads successfully for a sec, and then it trows me out :frowning:

What is ifconfig command output when you gain error in apt-get update command.

sorry for the screenshot but I am on virtualbox so I can’t copy&paste
Thanks for your help!!

you can see the tail of apt-get update error in the upper screen…