Any advise on using MAAS from Canonical?

This is my first time installing a Cloud, so far I only managed virtualbox and kvm clusters.
The last few days I installed OpenStack on the Ubuntu stack, then I cleared it all and switched to OpenNebula… but I left the MAAS in place I used for OpenStack. I really like OpenNebula, as O-S to me looks really big.

Would it be better to start with a fresh install of OpenNebula and leave the MAAS stack out? I love the options MAAS is providing but the DNS and the NIC config are very rigid for development and testing… I do not yet have 100% clear idea where this whole things is going so i cannot ‘design beforehand’, and as of today I think I am stuck on issues with the VLAN.

I have 4 ProLiant nodes to put something together for an intranet pilot and it is not going to grow much bigger, maybe a few more nodes max…

So my question is, should I leave MAAS out of this - install OpenStack on a virtalbox VM and configure the nodes directly on Ubuntu 16?

Or - try and figure out how to install and configure on top on MAAS because the next time around, for production setup, that is going to be the better option? Or, is there something I should try instead of MAAS and build on top of that?

Thanks and regards,