Augeas lenses for oned.conf

I wrote simple Augeas lenses for oned.conf (and possibly other OpenNebula config files and templates).

It’s available here:

I would welcome any feedback and tips. Also, I would like to ask for volunteers to parse own oned.conf, you will only need the augeas package installed.

To do so, please download the oned.aug gist and run following command from the same directory:

echo ‘print /files/etc/one/oned.conf’ | augtool -I.

And you should get the whole parse tree on stdout.

If the parser fails you won’t get any output, please print the error message using:

echo ‘print /augeas/files/etc/one/oned.conf/error’ | augtool -I.

end send it in reply together with the part of oned.conf around the reported line number.

Thanks in advance!

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Already thinking to implement it into Kube-OpenNebula, more examples here:

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