Question about /var/lib/one/remotes/VERSION file and ONE versions

Dear OpenNebula developers

Since OpenNebula 5.0.0 some configuration changes are backwards incompatible and we want to detect the ONE version in a easy way to configure the service with a configuration manager tool. We found that the file /var/lib/one/remotes/VERSION is generated by opennebula-server package and in fact it includes the right OpenNebula version. Is this file suitable to do this task? or it will be removed in the future?

Basically we only need to read the file from our configuration management tool to update the oned.conf and OpenNebula resource templates in the correct way.

Thanks in advance!


That file is related to the monitorization mechanism, so it may change or disappear in the long term…

I would use the oned -v command instead, or the API call to get the oned version:

Hi @cmartin

Thanks a lot for the reply!, for the moment we are using the VERSION file because it is quite easy to read and parse, but we will change that if it is removed or changed in the future.

Cheers and thanks!