Feature request: parsing of opennebula conf files

It would be nice if opennebula config files were all in a unified format and easily parseable, e.g. using crudini or a more advanced custom tool. oned.conf and sched.conf are partly parseable:

[oneadmin@one2 ~]$ crudini --get /etc/one/oned.conf '' PORT  # this works

[oneadmin@one2 ~]$ crudini --get /etc/one/oned.conf '' LOG  # this does not provide the full array, final paren is missing
SYSTEM      = "file",

Other files are not understood by crudini:

[oneadmin@one2 ~]$ crudini --get /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf 2> /dev/null; echo $?

See examples of what crudini can do at https://github.com/pixelb/crudini