Authorization Problem

Hello Guys:

It’s me again with a huge problem. So I was testing a few things with users and changed by mistake the authorization of oneadmin from core to server_cipher when I was going to actually change the serveradmin user.
Is there any way to correct this or should I reinstall the whole thing? It is because I cannot do any OpenNebula commands.
I changed the serveradmin to core in a hope that it will enter the Sunstone GUI but without success so I decided to revert but instead did what I did. Can this core change help in any way?

Best regards, hope that you can help me soon.


I have done the following with success, so you can close this problem:

  • Since I changed the serveradmin to core, it seemed the one chance to correct everything so… I created a new user in my machine with the name serveradmin
  • Then I logged in the serveradmin account and created the directory .one by issuing $ mkdir .one
  • I finally changed to that directory and created a file that contained serveradmin:my_password and saved evrything
  • I performed a check with oneuser show and oneuser list and seemed to work, so I finally performed oneuser chauth oneadmin core
  • Logged in the oneadmin account and performed all of the different one commands to check. WORKS!

Thanks, hope this can help other people that like me do this mistake.