Booting VM nodes from USB Flash / PXE?

Hi there.

I was tasked with deploying a new small ONe cluster using repurposed hardware. Our VM nodes were diskless servers in the past, so I’m curious if there is a way to deploy nodes using either USB flash sticks, or just PXE boot them.

Thanks for your support,

It is possible to boot a VM from PXE, you need to:

  • PXE BIOS package installed in the guestOS
  • In the VM Template, select a network interface as first choice in the BOOT selector

No, I was looking to boot the OpenNebula hypervisor nodes themselves from PXE or iSCSI.
Right now I’m thinking about booting them off iSCSI using the gPXE built-in initiator functionality - that’s a kludge for sure but it should work at least :slight_smile:

I see, apologies, I didn’t understand the question.

Hey, did you make it works? I mean PXE boot on hypervisors?