Pxe installation and drive order

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On a bare metal system you can set the bios to boot from the disk, is there is not OS on the disk, it will boot from the nic/pxe
I can’t seem to get opennebula to do that. Which means I have to watch the install. I then have to wait for it to begin to
reboot and then power off - hard, go into conf and change the boot device to disk. This also means it is very difficult to install multiple vm’s at one time.

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
Opennebula 5.2.1
Cobbler 2.8.1

Steps to reproduce:
set boot order boot, nic or nic,boot

Current results:
If set to boot to disk first and there is no OS, it will find no boot device
If nic is set first, it will boot from the network and when the install it will reboot and again boot via network, redoing the install
Expected results:'
If no OS on the disk boot from the network (pxe), if OS found on disk, boot from disk

Normally one would use an image from https://marketplace.opennebula.systems/appliance or create own image and base the VM templates on that. No need to install OS every time, actually it would be a waste of time and may possibly result in a non-reproducible environment of the VMs, if you don’t carry around all the snapshots of the base OS repositories used at any time to install any of the VMs. Can you describe your case with a bit more details, I guess the hypervisor is kvm, what are the VMs?