New boot order is not being saved


So I got OpenNebula working with the default templates.
I’d like to install an instance with an ISO file.

So I uploaded an ISO file, and changed the boot order in my instance.
I hit update, thinking everything is good.
I boot the VM, but still boots the OS disk.

I check the boot order again, and it changed back?
I thought I was going nuts, and did it 5 more times, but keeps reverting the changes.
So it seems the boot order isn’t being saved.

The VM is turned off in fact, so I know that’s not the issue.
Anyone an idea what might cause that?

Also, I’d like to see what happens if I edit the .XML file.
However I can’t find it. Can someone tell me where the .XML instance files are located?

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I also checked the oned.log and instance log, but no errors are reported…

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

CentOS 7, OpenNebula 5.4.1 on frontend and HV.

Steps to reproduce:

Just update the boot order from a VM instance.

Current results:

It keeps the old boot order…

Expected results:

Hoping to boot from an ISO file.

Hi @Florius,

boot order is persisted only for the devices set to boot from via the checkbox on the left side (I know this can be confusing):

Screenshot at 2017-11-06 12-16-37

Or, you can switch to the “Advanced” view to edit the VM template definition (it’s not XML) and the previous setting would require adding:

OS = [
  BOOT = "disk1,disk0" ]

The complete documentation for the VM templates is here

If you now have required boot order persisted in the template, and the VM still doesn’t boot from the CD-ROM, the problem can be in wrong storage bus. Although nowadays it should be possible to boot from VirtIO, SCSI and IDE devices, in the past there could be a problem with anything else then IDE. So, please try to attach the disk on IDE by specifying DEV_PREFIX=“hd” in the image metadata (

Best regards,
Vlastimil Holer