Cannot copy ISO from local filesystem

Hello, I found another issue with OpenNebula on Ubuntu 20.04 :frowning:

Trying to provide windows 10 ISO image from the local filesystem, but after creating image specifying the local source path, I keep getting message:

Sun Jan 10 00:09:42 2021 : Error copying image in the datastore: Not allowed to copy image from /Work/Save/iso/Win10_20H2_v2_English_x64.iso, check RESTRICTED_DIRS in your datastore

Even after I already provided that path “/Work/Save/iso” in SAFE_DIRS for the default datastore.

Anyone know what gives??

… also, I tried to upload a windows 10 installer ISO from my local system, but the UI hangs after about 42% and never completes.

Hi @Ivanix_Devon,

Do you have more than one Image DS? Maybe you are uploading the ISO to another DS with no SAFE_DIRS properly configured.