Unable to create an image on FireEdge

Hello Opennebula Team,
I am testing using FireEdge to upload an image from my machine to OpenNebula, but it gives an error as shown below (The image may not be the issue, as I can create an image normally through Sunstone):

Thu Dec  7 17:14:53 2023 : Error copying image in the datastore: ERROR: cp: Not allowed to copy images from /var/lib/one/ /etc/one/ /var/lib/one/ / Not allowed to copy image file /tmp/35f23596f95d6a9d3b93ea8ea1164252

I used oneadmin user,

**Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):Opennebula 6.8, Ubuntu 22.04

Thanks you,

Where are you getting this error ?

Can you show the excerpt of oned.log and fireedge.log or fireedge.error during the upload process ? They are located at /var/log/one/.

It appears on the FireEdge web interface, and then, I changed the SAFE_DIRS path of the images datastore from the default (/var/tmp) to /tmp, and the issue was resolved, but why is there a difference between FireEdge and Sunstone when uploading files?

We were able to reproduce the issue and also happened to find another one while investigating it. Thank you for the many reports.

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At first, I experimented with a small 17MB ISO file, and it worked, but when using a larger image over 100MB, I encountered errors as you mentioned.