Can't able to Instantiate VM template

I created a VM template using opennebula sunstone .
I got the below error ,when i tried to instantiate VM template.
Kindly help me.

[TemplateInstantiate] Error allocating a new virtual machine. CONTEXT/TOKEN set, but OneGate endpoint was not defined in oned.conf or CONTEXT.

Hi Rajarajan

OneGate is the daemon that Opennebula uses to perform the monitoring [1].

By default the daemon run at port 5030, and sure in your case in the same server as oned daemon.

for example if your sunstone url is ( you must set at oned.conf the following var:


if you use other port, you must see the file conf onegate-server.conf

and of course for better monitoring you need to have onegate-server running.

I hope that can help you :slight_smile:


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