Can't assign Gateway with template Centos 7 and Centos 8 ( get on Marketplace )

Hello Guys,

I can’t assign gateway on Virtual Network to VM, only can assign IP and DNS, seem weird

This error happens on Centos 7&8 on Marketplace

I have also enabled Network=yes and have to install context in VM.

Please help me

Hello, someone help me :(((

IMHO your network mask /24 ( doesn’t correspond to your NETWORK_ADDRESS /16 (x.x.0.0) and gateway address. Gateway simply looks like from different network and guest OS most likely doesn’t configure it. Best, Vlastimil


Thanks for reply to this post,

I use this network template on others template ex: Ubuntu 16.04 or high

Gateway assign normally, but on template centos 7 and 8 didn’t


This is a different virtual network than what you posted above. This one looks good.

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I find out the reason, the gateway is hidden on template centos. But I can ping to the gateway that creates from that template

So thanks