Can't find services after installing from source code

I recently finished installing the opennebula from source code on a Ubuntu 18.04 and managed to start the one daemon on the machine with one start and it worked properly.

but I can’t find opennebula-sunstone service to start it.
Failed to start opennebula-sunstone.service: Unit opennebula-sunstone.service not found

Is there something else I should do to start the sunstone server ?

Or should I reinstall them manually with apt-get install opennebula opennebula-suntsone but i see the sunstone is already installed?

Can anyone explain to why the services are not visible although everything is installed well because I cant find opennebula service too?

Hello @Aly_ElShafie,

If you install OpenNebula from source code, there won’t be any services. In order to start OpenNebula use the command one start and to start Sunstone use the command sunstone-server start.


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