Upgrade from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 (enterprise edition)

After running Opennebula version 6.2 for a while and the announcement of 6.2.1. Enterprise Edition I upgraded to this version.
I noticed some remarkeble things

  • Opennebula did not start automatically
  • Sunstone did not start automatically

After looking into this, it appeared that their status was disabled using systemctl status opennebula and systemctl status opennebula-sunstone.

I had to enable and start them using systemctl enable --now <servicename>

I have two questions:

  1. What other services am I missing?
  2. Why is this behaviour

Thank you

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IMHO you aren’t missing anything. opennebula.service depends on everything but Sunstone, so you should be good.

I can’t answer Why question, but as you are using enterprise edition, it would be probably best to open ticket for this? Anyway let us know about answer if you find out.

Lookup at systemd directory, I think some services are depends (Wants) each other, and some are independent.
Maybe like this:

  • opennebula.service
    • opennebula-scheduler.service
    • opennebula-hem.service
    • opennebula-ssh-agent.service
    • opennebula-ssh-socks-cleaner.timer
    • opennebula-showback.timer
  • opennebula.sunstone.service
    • opennebula-novnc.service
  • opennebula-fireedge.service
    • opennebula-guacd.service
  • opennebula-showback.service

Please correct me if I’m missunderstood.