Can't mount NFS Datastore

Hello All,
I want to mount NFS datastore in order to store VMs on it.
I’m having 1 Front-End and 1 host

I tried to follow to guide, and also few Topics in the forums, but without any success.

Can someone please write down in few steps what are the commands/or steps I should take in order to have a working NFS datastore ?

Thanks in advance…

Hello All,
Wanted to say that I’ve succeeded with creating an NFS datastore by the steps I saw here :

But, it looks like it’s not the official way…

Anyway, still, I can’t run any VM. Any VM I’m creating is in “PENDING” state forever.
No matter if I’m choosing it to be in the default system datastore [that for some unknown reason it’s showing 0 GB…], or if I’m using the NFS system datastore

Can you please assist ? we want to explore Open Nebla for our company but can’t make it start

you need NFS type “SYSTEM” and type “IMAGE” together on 1 cluster

there is 2 different ways to use NFS datastore.
a) all datastores on NFS server.
b) NFS per datastore

I use (a)
in file /etc/fstab /nfs nfs nfsvers=4,rw,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 0 0

in file /etc/one/oned.conf

#DATASTORE_LOCATION = /var/lib/one/datastores

Hi and thanks for your fast response.

To be more specific.
Those are the steps you’ve been taking ? [for option (a) ]

  1. mount.nfs /nfs
  2. edit the ‘fstab’ as you wrote
  3. edit the ‘/etc/one/oned.conf/’ as you wrote [if so, why did you add the “/one” after “/nfs” ? not like in the ‘fstab’ ?]
  4. after that, adding the datastores via SunStone GUI . if so can you tell what did you need to choose/wrote/edit in the “Create Datastore” Wizard ?

I’ll be glad to know if that was the process for that

Thanks in advance

at step 3
There reason why I added subfolder “one” a failsafe for failed-mount cases.
If /nfs not mounted folder /nfs/one will be absent. if you will not do that failsafe, you can endup creating datastore on local machine the. (My nodes are diskless. 8Gb flashdrive).
at step 4 you should use only File-shared mode or qcow2 mode. I prefer using qcow2 since it works better with backup script

thank again

at step 4 - we prefer file-shared
But, should I write some path in the wizard ?

no, other PATHs are security related


Can you answer the following questions please :

  1. Which ONE version you are using ?
  2. On which OS ?
  3. Are you using MySQL or the default sqlite ?


  1. 5.10.1 or 5.12.3
  2. Debian stable 10.8
  3. I push everything possible to PostgreSQL, but in this case MySQL.