Centos7 and OpenNebula 6.4: Announce Fireedge and VNS "Tunnel Error"

Dear Admin and every one here!

Please! Help me,

We have set up everything correctly,and able to connect directly to port 2616 to FireEdge GUI, however when we try to login to admin console of Opennebula, we’re getting pink error in low right corner:
“FireEdge public endpoint is not working, please contact your cloud administrator”. My config in sunstone-server.conf last 2 lines are:
:private_fireedge_endpoint: http://localhost:2616
:public_fireedge_endpoint: http://my.public.ip.com:2616

Public name is resolvable, all services live on the same machine. Running CentOS 7 and OpenNebula 6.4. Firewall is disabled while testing, selinux too.

Anybody have any ideas what can be wrong?

Thanks you so much!

Hi, i have the same problem like you. do you solved this problem?