Centos7 and reboot option at Opennebula


I have VM running Centos7 (and the acpid service)

If I “click” shutdown at Sunstone all its fine. acpid receive the message and shutdown the MV.

The problem comes at “restart” through Sunstone… The MV seems not to receive the message and dont restart.

Any idea? maybe a bug? can someone test that reboot option at centos7 (updated) work?

Thanks in advance.

Can you check that the VM is really getting acpi messages? Shutdown does this:

  1. Check that acpi is enabled in the VM, if not do a hard shutdown -> goto end
  2. Issue acpi shutdown
  3. Check if VM is already shutdown, if true goto end
  4. If it passed half the timeout time issue another acpi shutdown, just in case
  5. If less that timeout passed (120 seconds by default) goto 3
  6. Issue a hard shutdown if force shutdown parameter is enabled. If not leave the VM in running state

It could happen that the VM did not have ACPI enabled, in that case the VM is just killed. It could also happen that acpid is not installed. In that case it could also be killed after timeout.

In any case check dmesg for acpi messages.

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