Ceph rbd image, not a bootable disk error

Hi All,
I’m using opennebula 4.14 with ceph0.94 in ubuntu 14.04 system.
I have a virtual machine with ubuntu14.04 image. From that vm, i created an image using storage’s save-as action.
I downloaded the image from ceph using rbd export command. Image’s size is 10GB. So i compressed it using tarand it is 1GB of size.
Then i add this tar image in opennebula. When i create vm from that image, it shows “Not a bootable disk”.
Please help me

Hello @thomasalrin,

I think first you can try to do save-as on PowerOff VM so you will have consistent image.

Before rbd export try to “attach” the cloned image and check with fdisk its partitions consistency then try to mount it or do fsck.

Then if everything of above looks like OK, but the VM fails, try the same procedure on the image from the failed VM.

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov

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Still the same problem