Changing Capacity in VMs


one user lunch (through) oneflow one vm.

by default the user has USE && MANAGE perms… but… if they stop ( poweroff ) the user can not be able to resize CPU and/or MEMORY… i need to set the perm to ADMIN.

I was looking at doc (ON 4.10.2) to found what can do the user at the VM with perm MANAGE… but not found… and of course… i was looking how change the user perms by default… but… i think only can change setting a new ACL

Its that normal… the MV star only as USE and MANAGE?.. or there are any trouble about my config :smiley:

Thanks in advance.


The onevm resize command requires only MANAGE rights. There may be something else wrong.
Is that user the owner of the VM?
Does the VM have the manage permission set for the owner?

I’ve run into this same issue and the user, the owner of the VM, does have manage rights. However, only the CloudAdmin can resize the memory/cpu when the VM is powered off. The button to do so as the user/owner is not visible at all.