Changing the $i number in VM name

Hi there,

According to documentation :

–name name Name of the new VM or TEMPLATE. When
instantiating multiple VMs you can use the “%i”
wildcard to produce different names such as
vm-0, vm-1…

Is it possible to make the increment start from 01 insteed of 0 ?

Expected result would be VM%i --> VM01, VM02 …

Thank you for your help.


I wonder if it is possible to make variables a part of the name. This way %i can be anywhere in the name and vm01 or node2vm1 or node01vm would work. Also in your case what would happen after you reach 9?


After reaching 9, the expected result would be 11 12 13 …

looking into the code the leading zeros (VM01, VM02, …) are not possible.
If you need it, create a feature request


Thank you .