Customize VM_Template and VM Name

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I am trying to “customize” a VM-Template. As soon as someone is deploying a VM via the template, I want that the vm will be named after a special naming convention in the vcenter. So far, I just added the VM_Prefix = “vm-…”.
Everything works as expected and all the vms in the vcenter starting with “vm-”. But now I want to add a customer number to the prefix. The number varies from customer to customer… So for customer 123 the vm should be named “vm-123”…

I am not sure if I can solve this by editing the VM_Prefix variable… Any ideas on how to solve this?

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Take a look at the examples shown after this section. You can reference variables on the VM Template to generate “procedural” variables.

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Nice the $uname and $gname did it for us.

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