Using variables in VCENTER_VM_FOLDER in VM Template

I am looking to add the $GNAME variable to the VCENTER_VM_FOLDER like this:

VCENTER_VM_FOLDER = “/Infrastructure/OneCloud/$GNAME”

It ends up assigning it literally as above and not substituting the the variable $GNAME.

There was a similar post here, but its older not quite the same:

The $GNAME variable works in SET_HOSTNAME so there is an assignment.

Thanks for any help!

Found that the slash in the beginning is wrong, but the $GNAME still remain literal and no value gets substituted.

This is not a currently supported feature. You can try to use hooks as proposed on the older thread.

If you think this is an interesting feature, please open a feature request in GitHub - OpenNebula/one: The open source Cloud & Edge Computing Platform bringing real freedom to your Enterprise Cloud 🚀