Column for Description (or other Custom Value) in Sunstone VMs table


I deployed almost 30 VMs in my test enviroment (5.4) and was looking for a possibility to add a description to each VM. By adding an Attribute DESCRIPTION I can achieve this. What is missing is that I can use this field in the table view.
I didn’t find an option in the yaml file for this.

Is it possible to add a DESCRIPTION column to the VMs table view? If yes, how?

Background is that I can see my future customers using this platform (all coming from VMware vCenter) complaining about this missing functionalty.

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  1. I know there are labels, but that’s not same.
  2. “Misusing” the Name is also no option, because I use this field for contextualizazion

Hi @uli,

I think adding the field description is not a good idea. For example, if the field has 4 paragraphs, the datatable will be decompensated and will not be friendly to the user.

It may be better to place the mouse in a VM and display the DESCRIPTION field (if it exists) as a tooltip. So it would not overload the view.

What do you think?


Hi Abel,

thanks for picking up this topic!
I also see a problem the DESCRIPTION field ruining the tableview when too long. But I also do not see using tooltips on hundreds of servers to be very handy.

I would like to have a quick overview with all servers at one glance.

Two possible solutions for the tableview come to my mind:

  1. Limit the length of the description input to e.g. 25 characters
  2. Truncate the description filed in the tableview to 25 characters to not ruin the tableview.

Best Regards

Solution 2 is the smartest in my opinion.

The team and me will consider the options.

Thanks for your help @uli.


Great. Looking forward to hear from your decision.

Hello Abel,

kindly asking if you already got into discussing this. I am asking because I am pretty far with my OpenNebula evaluation in our enterprise and the more I use sunstone (with rapidlygrowing numbers of VMs) the more I miss this functionality.
I also started evaluating the user cloud view and I think it would be really beneficial for the end users to the the description value in the VM overview as well.