Sunstone 5 questions

I hope this is proper place for my questions.

  1. There are IDs of clusters instead of names in Sunstone’s tabs Virtual Networks and Datastores. Is it intentional?
  2. Font from 4.xx was much easy to read. Can it be changed through config files?
  3. Sorting by “Used Cpu” “Used Memory” is not working in VMs tab
  4. Is it possible to configure size column in Images tab to show size in Gb instead of Mb? (like in “oneimage list” output)

Thank you for great product.


Where exactly? You should see a panel with a table of the resource’s clusters.

No, but we’ll take note of your comment.

Please open a ticket at

No, it can’t be done in a current installation. Please open a request ticket and we’ll consider this change in the code.

Thank you for answer.